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Tecnologia dei veicoli moderna - speciale

In this course participants will get to know the latest in vehicle technology in regards to vehicle rescue and extrication. Following an interactive classroom session, covering aspects like body construction, restraint systems and alternative propulsion, participants will then be able to directly apply their gained knowledge in both, virtual reality and hands-on extrication scenarios. Cutting and spreading techniques to cope with modern technology challenges are also part of the program along with information on setting up scenarios for practical training.


Training program (8 hours):

Interactive classroom session:

  • Understanding vehicle safety
  • Introduction of the Crash Recovery System (CRS)
  • Body and materials in modern vehicles
  • Restraint systems
  • Alternative propulsion

Practical training:

  • Emergency operations with modern technology vehicles using virtual reality training
  • Cutting and spreading techniques to cope with modern vehicle technology challenges
  • Scenario building

Personal protective equipment is required to attend the practical part of this training.

Cutting techniques at a new car:

Especially during hands-on extrication training, emergency responders are most times faced with the challenge that the vehicles available for training are already several years old and do not represent the current state of vehicle technology.  

Moditech’s solution to this is that we are pleased to offer an extension of our “new vehicle technology” course where participants will be able to cut a late-model vehicle as part of the practical training. This special course will take place in Stuttgart (Germany).

Please contact our training department for more information about availability and prices: training@moditech.com