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Realistic scenario training

In addition to the Alternative propulsion and Modern vehicle technology programs, Moditech Rescue Solutions BV offers a training which includes training in a realistic environment.

The Crailo Training Center offers a perfect environment to train in a realistic way. By combining the experiences of our national and international instructors, Moditech is able to develop an extensive practical emergency response training program. This knowledge, combined with vehicle information from the Crash Recovery System (CRS), results in a program that trains rescuers to be a 'safe and effective' using realistic scenarios.

Realistic scenario training:
In close cooperation with training location Crailo we developed a training program that attempts to match reality as well as possible. The program consists of a number of theoretical modules about alternative propulsion systems, vehicle safety systems, trucks, buses and coaches.

These modules can be attended separately but are well connected to each other. In addition, attendants are trained in using the knowledge enclosed in the Crash Recovery System and new extrication techniques.

Knowledge and skills that the student has learned are reinforced in a number of practical training scenarios, designed to be as realistic as possible. During the scenario training prepared scrap vehicles and hybrid vehicles are used. At the end of the program the ability of the first responder is enlarged significantly!

Paul van der Zwaan | Senior trainer Moditech Rescue Solutions


Training program (8 hours):

Interactive classroom session:

  • Understanding vehicle safety
  • Introduction of the Crash Recovery System (CRS)
  • Body and materials in modern vehicles
  • Restraint systems
  • Alternative propulsion

Practical training:

  • Emergency operations with modern technology vehicles using virtual reality training
  • Cutting and spreading techniques to cope with modern vehicle technology challenges
  • Scenario building

Personal protective equipment is required to attend the practical part of this training.

Please contact our training department for more information about availability and prices: