Moditech at Rescue Days 2013 Germany |

Moditech at Rescue Days 2013 Germany

Monday, March 10th 2014

From October 4th to the 6th the German town of Geldern, located close to the border with the Netherlands, was the venue for the 11th international Weber Rescue Systems rescueDAYS. rescueDAYS is the biggest extrication class in the world with more than 700 participants from all around the world. In several different events rescueDAYS focuses on almost every imaginable extrication scenario, either with passenger cars, vans, heavy duty trucks, buses or farm machinery.

More than 30 late-model test vehicles, donated by the vehicle manufacturers, were used in the rescueDAYS new vehicle technology stations this year, allowing students to gather hands-on experiences with the latest extrication tools and techniques. Participants extensively utilized the Crash Recovery System to 'find out what's inside' of these vehicles.  By utilizing the Crash Recovery System, students were able to quickly determine how to disable the vehicles before starting the extrication process and identify the best areas on the vehicle structure to perform safe cutting and other tool evolutions.