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Tuesday, April 30th 2019
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Extra information vehicle manufacturers in Crash Recovery System

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In this month’s newsletter, we are happy to inform you about a new addition to the Crash Recovery System, the frequently asked questions (FAQ) button with vehicle manufacturers information. Also, next month we will be present in Germany during the Rettmobil where you can visit us!

More on these topics in our newsletter this month.


The German VDA (United German Automotive Manufacturers) has, in response to frequently asked questions about accidents with high-voltage systems, prepared a document to assist the first responder. In cooperation with the VDA we are making this information available for all our users via a special button in the Crash Recovery System: VDA-FAQ!

What information can you find in this button:
This concerns information about passenger vehicles and light delivery vans with among others the following subjects:

  • Recognising a high-voltage vehicle (Crash Recovery System users can, of course, request the vehicle in
    the Crash Recovery System
  • What risks might first responders run into during an accident with a high-voltage vehicle?
  • Electrical dangers.
  • Chemical dangers.
  • Thermal dangers.
  • Measures during calamities when charging.
  • High-voltage vehicles in water.
  • Towing, transporting, breakdown and storing high-voltage system vehicles (information for storing and towing services).

At this time, the information is available in English and German. It will most likely be made available in other languages in the future.

Where can you find this button?
You’ll find the VDA FAQ’s button in the start screen of your Crash Recovery System. This way you have general information from the vehicle manufacturers available during an accident or during practice. In collaboration with car manufacturers, Moditech will further expand this type of information in the future.

How can this information be made available in your Crash Recovery System?
This update will be added to the Crash Recovery System 13 May 2019 via a software update. You can make the information available by installing the newest version of our software. You do not need to re-activate your licence. For the latest version of the Crash Recovery System visit our website.


Rettmobil is being organised again this year in Fulda, Germany on 15, 16 and 17 May 2019 (www.rettmobil.org). Moditech will be present to demonstrate the Crash Recovery System and the new VDA FAQ’s button and to answer any questions you might have regarding the use of the CRS onsite or in the dispatch center. 

You can find us in Hall 6, stand number 604! We look forward to seeing you there!