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Wednesday, September 20th 2017
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Extra info: Ultra-Capacitors in the CRS

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Ultra-capacitors are used in the start-stop systems of various vehicles. The ultra-capacitor is designed to maintain normal vehicle functions, such as lighting, heating/cooling, etc. when the vehicle engine shuts down, and can be found in various locations within in the vehicle. The solvent in the capacitor, Acetonitrile, can pose a health risk for traffic victims and first responders. Further information about this has therefore been included in the Crash Recovery System.  

This month we would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to our skilled team of instructors who are working throughout the Netherlands on behalf of Moditech. Among them are several English-speaking trainers to assist with international training schools in the future.

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Since the advent of start-stop systems, Moditech has have included information about the presence of ultra-capacitors in the Crash Recovery System. In the latest database update, we have expanded this information with an explanation about the presence of the substance: Acetonitrile. Acetonitrile is a liquid that is found in the capacitor under minor pressure. If the capacitor is damaged, the liquid may spray out.

This is where the danger lies. Traffic accident victims could have inhaled it. There is also an exposure risk to rescue workers if they themselves damage the capacitor while working, should they come in contact with the fluid. 

The toxicological qualities of Acetonitrile are:

  • Acetonitrile liquid or vapour is a highly irritating substance which irritates the skin, eyes and respiratory canal.

  • In high doses, it can result in death due to breathing difficulties.

  • Inhalation of Acetonitrile causes it to be transformed into hydrogen cyanide and thiocyanate in the body (metabolisation), which leads to serious health risks for humans.

A lower dose can lead to symptoms similar to those of cyanide poisoning, such as drooling and nausea. However, this can also occur at a later time.

If the traffic victim has been in contact with acetonitrile, cyanide poisoning may occur in their body. Consequently, it can be difficult to anaesthetize the victim and/or keep him/her anaesthetized. 

If it is suspected that the ultra-capacitor is damaged, the paramedics and/or trauma physician must be informed.  This information can be of vital importance!

To ensure you have the new information about acetonitrile at your disposal, make sure your Crash Recovery System has been updated with the latest database update of 24.08.2017!


Ultra-capacitors can be recognised in the Crash Recovery System by the following pictograms:
 Yellow-coloured ultra-capacitor pictogram (low voltage)

 Orange-coloured ultra-capacitor pictogram (high voltage)

Ultra-capacitor below the front bumper, part of the start-stop system

Ultra-capacitor on the roof of the hybrid bus


Moditech Rescue Solutions regularly gives training courses in new vehicle engineering and alternative propulsion in combination with digital vehicle information from the Crash Recovery System. With the increase in the number of practical training courses, our team of instructors has expanded considerably this year. Each instructor brings his/her own knowledge and experience, which we combine with Moditech’s vision on emergency response: the use of digital vehicle information as part of emergency response. Our team stands for quality and innovation in emergency response. We are happy to introduce our instructors to you:

Benny van Ham
Based on his professional career at the Safety Region Brabant-Zuidoost (Netherlands) as a regional coordinator professional competence/officer-on-duty and numerous other activities as a teacher, instructor and examiner, Benny has an extensive knowledge of professional competence and the training of firefighters. Benny enjoys transferring knowledge of emergency response to others. He is client-oriented with a keen eye for detail. After following his class, students say that they have truly learned something new from Benny!

Maarten Haring
As an expert in emergency response, Maarten is a well-known instructor at Moditech Rescue Solutions. Maarten is a decisive and confident professional. He can draw on a vast amount of experience as a post commander and senior staff member in preparation and incident control. Maarten is good at assessing other people’s learning needs resulting in students being very pleased with him!

Hans van Riet
In his role as professional competence employee in the Gooi- en Vechtstreek region (Netherlands), Hans’ work revolves around the learning needs of rescue workers on a daily basis. With his extensive experience as a post coordinator for the Blaricum post services (Netherlands), he can draw on a vast amount of knowledge gained. In his role as leading firefighter, drill manager, safety officer and general instructor, he has gained extensive experience within the fire department. Hans is capable of dispelling the insecurities that our students have about emergency response by enthusiastically providing them with new knowledge and resources.  

Henk Strörmann
Henk has extensive experience as a fire-fighting instructor which he gained at the fire department in Neder–Betuwe and various other training centers in the Netherlands. As a specialist in training and practice, and in his role as professional competence employee, he can draw on an extensive amount of experience.  He is capable of transferring this knowledge and experience to his students in a practical manner. With his unrivaled enthusiasm in combination with his expertise, he can keep students on their toes!

Dennie Wulterkens
As a member of various international medical and fire-fighting organizations, he can draw on a vast amount of international experience. With his knowledge in both areas, he is perfectly able to assess the risks for first responders during emergency response involving modern vehicles. Dennie has been trained as an instructor by Moditech Rescue Solutions and in daily practice, he is very capable of making the transition to using the Crash Recovery System.  He is an exciting instructor within Moditech’s team, thanks to his high level of knowledge combined with many years of experience. 

Paul van der Zwaan
In his role as a senior training expert, Paul van der Zwaan works full-time for Moditech Rescue Solutions. The extensive knowledge and skills he gained as commander within the fire brigade can be combined in daily practice with the vehicle information available in the Crash Recovery System. Within Moditech, he immediately converts information from vehicle manufacturers into practical tips for rescue workers in emergency response. As a result, he continuously provides our group of instructors with new information about modern vehicle technology.  

Since this year, Moditech has been active with field training on location, combining explanations of modern vehicle technology with cutting into a new vehicle. Thanks to its many years of experience in this field, Moditech has built up valuable relationships with various car manufacturers, allowing us access to new vehicles. In addition, we specialize in customized training in emergency response with modern vehicles, alternative propulsion vehicles, trucks and buses, and more. We will be happy to present the various options to you. Interested? Please contact us via training@moditech.com.