Scarica l'app CRS |

Scarica l'app CRS

Crash Recovery System

A new improved application is available of the Crash Recovery System. You can download the new app for your operating system below. After installing this new application, the relevant edition of the Crash Recovery System can be selected (Lite, Standard, VIN, RDW, RDW+, Road Assist). 

Moditech Rescue Solutions B.V. has worked hard on a new application of the Crash Recovery System in recent months. This app is a replacement for the current app and can be downloaded now!

Extra information:
Download User guide and How to install

What’s new?
The new version of the Crash Recovery System can be considered a general application for all possible platforms, such as iOS, Windows and Android. All the features and changes we have made will be visible simultaneously on all operating systems. The app is also faster, more extensive and has been upgraded in terms of look and feel. In addition, the software includes updated functionalities, such as specific vehicle selection procedures (by number plate) for different countries. With this new app, Moditech Rescue Solutions B.V. can respond more quickly to new developments in the world of emergency services and new vehicle technologies. That is why this innovation represents a development that enables more extensive functionalities to be added to the application in the future.

A new app! What do you need to do now?
To use the new application, you must first unsubscribe the licence code of the current application. In the current Crash Recovery System, go to Settings > Licence Manager and note the licence code associated with the device in question. Then click on Remove Licence (see screenshots below, iOS operating system). You can now remove the entire application from the device.

You then install the new application of the Crash Recovery System using one of these links: AndroidiOS of Windows. Choose the operating system of your device and download the CRS. When the download is complete, you can enter the licence code into the new application via the Activate CRS licence option (see screenshot below, iOS operating system). The new app is ready!

For which editions of the CRS does this innovation apply?
This new application applies to all editions and should therefore also be downloaded for all editions of the CRS. After installing this app, the system automatically activates your edition of CRS (Lite, Standard, VIN, RDW, RDW+, Road Assist).