Benefits of CRS |

Benefits of CRS

Quick and easy to operate
  • Vehicle selection manually or automatically after entering the license plate number or VIN (automated vehicle selection only in certain countries.)
  • Consistent and easy to understand technical information about all rescue relevant vehicle components are shown on the screen.
  • Clearly organized graphics show the exact location of all components that can have an influence on the emergency response.
  • Detailed background information, deactivation procedures and images of components are displayed after just a couple of clicks.
Saves valuable time
  • No time is wasted scanning the vehicle for the locations of potentially dangerous components.
  • Deactivation instructions enable quick elimination of all possible hazards.
  • The decision how to extricate the patient can also be based on the vehicle equipment.
  • Emergency responders can focus on their main objective: extrication of occupant.
Increases safety
  • Information about locations and deactivation procedures of potentially dangerous components makes it possible to work safely. Lower risk for emergency responders and vehicle occupants.
  • Can be used on all incidents involving automobiles (e.g. vehicle accidents, vehiclefires).
Complete and up te date
  • Databases contain all mass-production vehicles equipped with (optional) airbags.
  • Databases for Europe, North America and Europe (United Kingdom) available, totally more than 4000 vehicle models with more than 30000 variants.
  • European databases also contain heavy trucks.
  • Always up to date. Updates for Software and Databases can be easily downloaded from the internet. Updates at least available once a month.
  • Software can run on virtually every modern windows PC, specially developed for use on Tablet PCs (Windows, Android, Apple) with touch screen.
  • Low system requirements: can also be used on older PCs.
  • Multiplatform as a result of which the software is available on hardware to choice of the customer.
  • Available in 18 different languages.
  • Special solutions for specific user requirements (control room, vehicle fleets) are available.