Airbag positions and vehicle fire |
Monday, March 25th 2019
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Airbag positions and vehicle fire

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In this newsletter we dive into the different positions that airbags might have depending on the manufacturing year and/or type of a certain model. Examples of this are the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class and the Lexus RX L Hybrid 450h. Both vehicles have already been added to the update for March! There is also extra focus for the added value of the CRS during a vehicle fire.

More on these topics in this month’s newsletter!


In the previous newsletter we focused on the new developments around airbags. Besides the addition of new airbags, existing airbags can change location in a new manufacturing year or another type of a certain model. The adjustments are the result of accident analyses and the creation of new car bodies. With CRS you will stay on top of things!

Mercedes Benz A – Class 5dr Hatchback
In the A Class 2012-2018, the side airbag for passengers has been incorporated in the car body. When the side and seats are removed in the CRS image, it becomes clear that the airbag has been incorporated into the body.

Image: CRS graphic Mercedes Benz A-class 2012-2018

In the 2018-2019 model, the airbag has been moved to the side of the backrest. Hide the side of this CRS image and the new position of the airbag becomes clear immediately. Now it is also possible to click on the airbag itself.

Image: CRS graphic Mercedes Benz A-class 2018-19

Variations per model of a certain type
The Lexus RX Hybrid and the Lexus RX L Hybrid. The Lexus RX and RX Hybrid are available with an extended car body which makes it possible to carry 7 people. This is the new Lexus RX L and the RX L Hybrid. The Lexus RX and RX Hybrid are fitted with a curtain airbag that runs up to halfway along the C-pillar. The gas generator for the airbag has been mounted just behind the B-pillar. 

ATTENTION! The gas generators are larger than in previous vehicle years.

Image: CRS graphic Lexus RX Hybrid 2015-2019

With the Lexus RX L and RX L Hybrid the curtain airbag goes further backwards.

IMPORTANT! The position of the gas generator is different. These have been fitted beyond the rear doors.

ATTENTION! If the airbags are not activated after an accident, it is important to deactivate the airbags and to avoid this zone. By clicking on an airbag in the image the responder receives important information about how to perform the deactivation.

Image: CRS graphic Lexus RX L Hybrid 2018-2019



Image: A Volvo 740 1987-1992 completely caught up in flames

The fire brigade in Sweden recently had to deal with a vehicle fire. It concerned a Volvo 740. The vehicle was completely on fire when the fire brigade arrived. The gas generators of the shock-absorbing bumper exploded during this fire.

Image: CRS graphic (overview) and advice and warning page about the cylinder

Image: CRS image, advice about the cylinder

Image: CRS image about the cylinder

Images: Parts of the bumper landed ± 15 meters in front of the vehicle (1)

Images: Parts of the bumper landed ± 15 meters in front of the vehicle (2)

A firefighter was injured a few years ago in a similar incident in America. Fortunately, this was not the case with this incident in Sweden.

ATTENTION! Modern vehicles are increasingly often being fitted with passive safety systems that can explode during a fire. Therefore: Know what’s inside!