CRS Road Assist RDW edition

The CRS Road Assist RDW Edition is an enhanced version of the CRS Road Assist Edition. It allows the selection of a vehicle from the CRS database by entering the license plate number. This number is send through a mobile internet connection (GPRS/UMTS) to the national license plate databases over the Moditech Rescue Solutions BV central server, which assures that the license plate data is always up to date.

The Crash Recovery System Road Assist RDW Edition allows second responders to recover crashed vehicles quickly and securely. Within a few seconds the system will show a datasheet with essential information about the location and handling procedures of the relevant components. Much time savings since all relevant data are available on the spot.


CRS Road Assist RDW Edition product features list:

  • RDW Edition includes all features of the Road Assist Standard Edition
  • Easy selection of the vehicle by entering the license plate number
  • Monthly online updates

The Road Assist RDW Edition is currently available in:

  • The Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • United States

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